Sea Lion or Seal?

At first glance, we didn’t realize this was a sea lion (or seal?) floating by.


Hoping this fella is feeling well and just enjoying the last evening of Spring. We caught these photos just in front of Emma Schmitz Memorial View Point.


  1. Probably a Pacific harbor seal.

  2. The photo is of a sea lion, most likely a California Sea Lion (hard to tell for sure from the photo). The sea lion is “sailing” – a behavior that is used to regulate their body temperature.

  3. Robin Donnelly says

    Wow, I just saw a HUGE one of these floating by my house at Roche Harbor and went out to investigate in my kayak. I thought it might be dying. Quite the show. He sank as I came near, but I could see it was a sea lion. Not too many of them up here.

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