Aiviq: Monster Arctic ice buster spotted heading south…

Every now & then an unusual vessel will cross our waters and warrant some BDB research! A spokesman from the ship's builder mentions that this $200 mil giant ice breaker recently built in Louisiana and commissioned by Shell Oil is considered… 

 "the largest vessel ever built by Chouest, and will be among the most advanced and powerful, non-military icebreakers on the waters."

I suddenly have "bigger boat" envy!


Scupper,  for Beach Drive Blog

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  1. It’s been going back and forth while the two Shell rigs at Vigor continue getting ready to leave for Arctic drilling. We wrote about it a few weeks ago – for a while it was hanging at Vigor, then it went up to Everett, now it’s heading south again. The Greenpeace Esperanza, which also was here for a while, has left the area completely at last report…

  2. Good to know TR!

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