Low tide neighbors get exposed!

Two days of low tides offered some great sights along a couple of West Seattle beaches. Starting with the beach off of Emma Schmitz Viewpoint, found this Stingray looking critter on it's back and set him back in the water before the birds made a meal of him!



then found these gooey looking dudes hanging off a rock about 200 yards out…


Click here for an album of other photos taken off Beach Drive.

Then it was off to Fauntleroy Cove where I could almost walk straight on the Ferry from the exposed beach under the piers. Great access from Fauntleroy Park located on the north side of the dock…

Great sculpture of a Raven marking the location of the park



Tomorrow promises to be another great day to see what's lurking below with a minus tide of -3.3.  Someday I hope to get a glimpse of the famous Spirit Boulder that's been reported to peak it's head out at extreme low tides on the south side of the ferry dock.

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  1. Susan Dippery says

    Great photos Scupper! Weird and wonderful things lurking down there!

  2. Thanks Susan, that’s what “she” said!

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