Concerned Beach Drive resident hounds City to repair eroding park

Gotta love our Beach Drive neighbor that's responsible for prompting today's repair work along the vulnerable section of Emma Schmitz Memorial View Point.


It's been very noticeable for all who frequent this narrow sliver of park that the soil has been slowly eroding away year after year just above the concrete sea wall. 


This "super neighbor" (who prefers to be un-named but for this article's sake, we'll refer to her as Mrs. Frack) started her interaction with the City of Seattle back in the middle of December. She quickly learned that the responsibility of maintaining the bulkhead and adjoining landscape belongs to the Seattle Parks Department, the sizable sewer line located directly underneath is responsibility of King County and the City of Seattle maintains the adjoining sidewalk and newly paved street:) 

When a more permanent type of solution was brought up, i.e. extending the existing bulkhead type rockery located just north of where the park narrows, a representative from the parks department replied…

"any change to the existing seawall would need to be done with the approval of various environmental regulatory agencies. Note that extending the existing "bulkhead rockery", while perhaps the lowest-cost construction solution that could be pursued, is also a measure that is considered environmentally detrimental by such agencies, and might be difficult or impossible to get approved."

Well, for now, I'm happy for the temporary maintenance to this narrow section of the park and ecstatic that when Mrs. Frack locks on to a cause, there's just no saying no! 

Hmmm, I wonder if she had something to do with these public work orders… 



Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

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