Ringing in the New Year… Beach Drive style!

In granting you all the best wishes for 2012, I thought you might get a grin out of an old tradition that happened right here in our hood…  


Photo courtesy Southwest Seattle Histocial Soceity

According to info submitted by the SWSHS Log House Museum folks, this 6 inch high brass bell named the Pioneer Bell…

"made it's way to Washington by way of the Oregon Trail. The family who owned it settled on what is now Beach Drive in West Seattle. Whenever a new family settled there, the neighbors welcomed the newcomers by joining in a procession, led by a community member ringing this bell. It was also used to ring in the new year."

I wonder if the parade ever came down this scene of Beach Drive photographed by the City of Seattle back in 1927…


Beach Drive Blog highly recommends that anyone with a "history tooth" consider joining, donating or volunteering at the local museum. Rumour has it that they have many more photos to share:). Speaking of photos, does anyone have access to images of the Schmitz Estate that used to reside in Mee-Kwa-Mooks park or the restaurant named Quisnell's that used to operate at the base of Jacobson Street?  

Best wishes in 2012!

Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

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  1. John Williams says

    When we were digging the foundation for our house in 1999
    we came upon several horseshoes, some of the size that would
    fit Clydesdale or similar horses. We were told that at one
    time, our house was the site of a blacksmith shop.

    We also found many red bricks which were supposedly from
    when Beach Drive was paved with them.

  2. Good stuff John! There’s some great history out here on Beach Drive.

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