UW Geology class looking for signs of the vicious serpent a’yahos?

As I was walking our dog this morning, four UW vans pulled up along Emma Schmitz view-point. At least twenty students poured out with cameras and notebooks trying to capture some evidence of our local section of the Seattle Fault.


With the tide half way up, there wasn't much to look at except for the tops of a few boulders exposed to the rising tide… or were these actually "Spirit Boulders" left by the devastating landslides and earthquakes reported to hit this area in A.D. 900? A little research discovered that our native predecessors believed in a vicious guardian spirit named a'yahos (also referred to as Psai-Yah-hus) that appeared in this area and was associated with the existence of the infamous Spirit Boulder in Fauntleroy cove.


Could this be the same sea-creature my neighbor Eddy claimed to have hooked with a Buzz Bomb lure???

Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog 

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