What Kind of Bird is This?

My husband, aka, Scupper, spied this hawk(?) in one of our willows yesterday dining on his latest victem.  It appears to be larger than a crow and smaller than a seagull.



See more pictures of this bird by clicking here.  Photo credits: Scupper.


  1. Saw the same bird on alki today. I think it’s a peregrine falcon.

  2. Judy Bentley says

    My friend the birdwatcher says: “I think the bird is a Cooper’s Hawk, which is a bird-eating hawk that flies through the trees and catches birds that are trying to get away. The book says they are 16.5 ” long. Crows run about 16-17.5″, so he was right on. This is an immature bird–all brown streaks and a rounded, banded tail.”

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