Fire pit cooking with Scupper

Stay tuned for BDB's newest segment on fire-pit cooking! I'll be sharing original and classic recipes along with accessory reviews and fire-side chat with special guests.

Beach Drive's pet squirrel "Peanut" does a great job of unveiling the star of the show, the Fire Pit Master 5000.



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  1. says

    Damn, you shouda left the lid off and trapped “peanut” inside the pot.

    Mmmm….Squirrel Stew…..a Classic Fire Pit Meal !!!

    Tasty and lo-cal, too !

  2. Ground-dwelling squirrels are ecologically valuable, and they play an important role in the Pacific Northwest landscape. Conservation of these animals is becoming increasingly important because many of the ground squirrels, especially the… blah blah blah. Due to the emphasis of sustainability in our region, I’m waiting for Peanut to have a few litters first!

  3. Wow, if you cam get some baby squirrels … You can deep fat fry them and the little tails make great handles, if you don’t chop them off first.

    But, just so you know squirrel is very high in cholesterol so you shouldn’t eat more than a dozen of the little ones.

  4. Out of luck Rocky, Eastern Grey Squirrels only have 2 to 3 yung-uns per litter. I also learned they’re swimmers and use their tails as rudders…therefore on my personal protected species list 🙂

    Watching the Husky game? Go Dawgs!!

  5. EASTERN squirrels !!!!

    What are they from the Sammamish Plateau ???

    But, no worries. That sneaky quick little Peanut looks like a polygamist to me.

    Should be plenty of baby “eastern” grey squirrels to have a popcorn festival with them !!!

    Btw…welcome to the PAC-12, Utah…….

  6. You’re starting to bring me around to the idea. Hmmm, your blended Sarah or Schmidt animal beer with this recipe?

    Cougs beat Colorado too!

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