Justin: the Day After and Wrap Up

After two days of looking out our windows and watching the events unfold of salvaging Justin, the WWII vessel that was being used to assist with building a new bulkhead off of Beach Drive, it seemed refreshingly calm to only have this scene this morning.

We did wake up to flyovers from the Coast Guard to survey the area.

It didn't take too long for crews to show up to start salvaging items from the floor of Puget Sound.



It also appears that some patch repairs are being done to the vessel above (which had water pumped from it from damage this weekend).  Note the diver on the smaller boat.


It looks like this anchor pole is being removed, possibly for repairs.


Update 9:40 am October 17, 11:  More photos from Scupper showing the main barge that Justin was tied to showing the patch repair.




If you'd like to see all the photos that Scupper and I captured of this event, you're welcome to check them out on our Flickr page by clicking here.

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