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Update 9:30 am, October 16, 2011: We've added a couple more of our favorite photos.  We'll be posting a collection of our "Justin" photos from the past few days soon.

Scupper shivered his timbers capturing some great photos of the salvaging of the once sunk vessel off Beach Drive, Justin.

Because it's late and we typically don't blog as late as West Seattle Blog, we're going to share a few photos tonight and we'll update this tomorrow morning with more.  Scupper took over 100 shots after nightfall alone and we want to select and share what we think are the best. 

Here's a preview.








Justin is enroute to Tacoma per employees of Waterfront Construction.

Good news, Scupper found the owner of the hard hat that he found floating in the Sound.  Hat and head will be reunited soon.

Watch for this post to be updated tomorrow!


  1. Great pix indeed. Pointing to you – while we do work late, I didn’t get back out there after dark. Big props to Scupper, and you. One more chapter tomorrow, Coast Guard update suggests – early flyover and beach walks to make sure any residual fuel/oil isn’t causing trouble …

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