Cute Alert: Seal Pup Photos

Last Thursday, there were at least two seal pups taking advantage of a sunny afternoon in parks along Beach Drive.

This pup was at the foot of the rocks at the north point of Emma Schmitz Memorial Viewpoint.  Seal Sitters was on the scene advising volunteers how to protect the young pup.


Seal Pup

You get an idea of how small this seal is by seeing it next to the Seagull (and check out what the Seagull has). 

Seagull with Crab and sleeping Seal Pup

You can view many photos of this seal pup here… I apologize in advance, many of them may look the same – they're just so cute, it's hard to narrow them down!

Just a few blocks away at Constellation Park, another young seal was sunning itself on the rocks.

Seal Pup

More photos of this pup can be found here.

The representative from Seal Sitters told me there were four known pups on West Seattle beaches at that moment.  If you come across a seal pup on a West Seattle beac, please contact Seal Sitters at 206-905-7325 (SEAL).  Please keep your dogs leashed while on the beaches and stay back 100 yards.  For more information, click here


  1. Judy Bentley says

    Are dogs allowed at all on Seattle beaches?

  2. Wow, that’s a huge crab the seagull has!

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