Thwarted Burglary on Beach Drive

Thanks to a watchful neighbor, a burglery was stopped earlier this week (on Wednesday afternoon) on the 5900 block of Beach Drive.  From the neighbor's email:

A young man about 18-20 years old was taking items from the residence (flat screen TV, stereo equipment, computer equipment, etc) and was putting them in his car parked in front of the house.  I observed this from across the street and asked him what he was doing, and his response was “I’m taking these things because they owe me money”.  I called 911 and was speaking to the dispatcher when the individual brought out the family dog and put it in his car also.  Another note is that the car had no license plates.  The police arrived and arrested the suspect and then brought their K-9 unit to search for his accomplices who fled into the neighborhood.  I spoke to one police officer who said the suspect had a military type stun-gun and a 14” knife on his possession when arrested.

The suspects car is red in the photo below.


 Handcuffed suspect being taken away by the Seattle Police.

IMAG0347 (2)
A huge tip of the hat to John for this information.  Remember, you can always call 9-1-1 if you see something that doesn't seem right.

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