Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Filming is taking place today at the Beach Drive home for Ira Finklestein's Christmas.


The street is lined with cars, movie crew vans and motorhomes across from Emma Schmitz Viewpoint.

Actor Elliott Gould may be on location for this shooting which is suppose to be a condo in Florida.  He has the role of Ira's grandfather in the movie.

Update 11:45 am – just visited "the set".  It's amazing to see whats transformed in our neighbors home.  Pictured below is David DeLuise and Elliott Gould.



 Elliott Gould shows Tazi, the home owners' dog, some love in between takes.

Update 12:30 pm.

David DeLuise rehearsing lines on Jacobsen.


The home to the left is also being used for a place for the actors and crew to change wardrobe, eat and to hang out during breaks from filming.

Vans packed with gear and costumes line Beach Drive with motorhomes and cars.


Update 6:00 pm.  The living room windows are blacked out and portions of the back yard were tarped for filming "evening scenes".   DeLuise just left the set for the evening.


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