Did You See Jeremy Peck?

JeremyPeck This message has been posted by Kelly Irvine on BDB's Facebook page:

Our dear friend~Jeremy Peck was found deceased in the water on Bainbridge Island.

He went missing from West Seattle~last seen at the Admiral Pub on Dec. 23rd~early hours of the 24th.  There has been some confusion on the date since the 24th is Xmas Eve and all.  Please take a minute to think back~if you were on Alki or any waterfront area in West Seattle between 1:45-4ish am .

I'm thinking not to many people were out so any sightings of a vehicle or people out could help us generate tips. Someone knows what happened and might not even know it.

Thank you

TIPLINE: 206-478-4905

Jeremy's DOB: 12-10-86

6'1"  177 lbs.

Brown hair and brown eyes

Last seen wearing blue jeans, DC shoes, gray hoodie type sweatshirt and black waist length over-coat.

Link to Find Jeremy Peck on Facebook    There is a fundraiser on this Saturday, February 12, 2011 at the Heartland Cafe/Benbow Room from 8:00 – 11:00 p.m.   More information to follow via the Facebook link.

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