Police Activity on Beach Drive Tonight

There are several police cars with lights on along Beach Drive right now.  Police are out with flash lights apparently searching for someone.  It appears they're from MeeKwaMooks to south of Jacobsen. 

If anyone has more info, please post here.

12:11 update via West Seattle Blog on Twitter:  Beach Drive search – canine now headed to 5000 block, woman said a "noise" awakened her.

West Seattle Blog's coverage is here.


  1. there was another weird occurance on Beach Drive on Monday afternoon. I heard tires screeching and one of my neighbors told me a white mercedes came flying out by Angeline to be boxed in by a couple trucks(?). The mercedes then floored it (opened up, was my neighbors term) and flew down beach drive with the truck right on it’s bumper. An undercover police car followed.

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