Potential Attempted Break In

We received this email today about a potential break-in on Beach Drive around the 4600 block:

Apparently, the perpetrator knocked on the front door and  when there was no answer he went through the gate and entered the backyard. There he rattled the back door by the master bedroom. Our neighbor went to the front door and when no one was there and her dog was barking she went to the back door by the kitchen, saw a man at her master bedroom door and asked him what he was doing and he took off up the bank and climbed over their fence to another neighbor's yard.

Our neighbor called 911 and described the perpetrator as a young man, dark hair, approx 20 something, about 6 ft tall, medium build, ponytail, black cap, white hoodie sweatshirt, black pants.

Luckily, no harm done……eyes wide open!

Great reminder about having a Block Watch (what if the neighbor wasn't home) and the upcoming Seattle's Night Out in August.

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