Water Bubbling from Beach Drive?

We've had two different inquires on water issues along Beach Drive.  

From a Beach Drive reader last night:

I was biking along Beach Drive tonight heading north from Lincoln Park towards Emma Schmitz Park and ran across water bubbling out of the streets not far from where the slide was this past winter.
Do you have any idea what this is?  Is is just stormwater runoff or is it sewage?

From another BDB reader this morning:

On my way to work this morning (along the 5900 block of Beach Drive) there was a hole in the road and a small water geyser.

Looked like the water main under the road had broken.

Does anyone have information on what's going on around the 5900 block of Beach Drive? 


  1. We got this note late Monday morning. I couldn’t get more info on it – but it’s the only note we got, so I suspect it didn’t cause too much inconvenience. It was from an area resident: “A couple hours ago, a city water department crew was dealing with a broken pipe in the 5900 block of Beach Drive SW. The crews on-site said there was a strong chance that they will have to turn off water to the area to make the repair.” Again, that was a note from just before noon Monday. Hope all’s well today.

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