That Restaurant at Beach Drive and Jacobsen: Quesnels

Quesnel’s Restaurant definately is piece of Beach Drive History.  Sadly we moved here after it’s existance…but we’re often asked about what happened to the restuarant and many have shared fond memories.

West Seattle Blog writes about this with the recent passing of Neal Shaffer, who ran the restaurant for many years along with the Shack Drive In.

What was a restaurant is now private residences at 4703 Beach Drive SW.


The owne of these properties 4703 (the large beige triplex, former restaurant) and 4701, the smaller home has been doing a major remodel of the residence at 4701.

What are your memories of this restaurant?


  1. Patti Woeck says

    I recall that they served the largest baked potatoes I’d ever seen. I was pretty young at the time but those really left an impression.

  2. My family ate there quite often. I loved it! Everything was pink, even the walls and the salad dressing. It was blue cheese and Oh, so yummy! Thanks for the great memory!

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