Safety and Our Roads

This message is from Brenda who commented on a recent post:

It's that time of year when more and more people are outside enjoying our neighborhood. Please remember that 61st Ave. SW may be a short cut to Admiral Way but it is not a freeway to Admiral Way. There are families that live on 61st AVE SW that need to get their cars in and out of their driveways. There are children out on bikes, skateboards, or roller skates. There are elderly that take slow strolls, There are dogs and cats that may have sneaked out of their yards. As you drive by keep a look out! Most importantly, PLEASE SLOW DOWN! Thank you.

I couldn't agree more. 

During summer months, the traffic on Beach Drive and neighborhood roads increases dramatically.  I'm often sadly amazed how fast I see people of all ages drive in our residential neighborhood.

If those of us who live here just drive the actual speedlimit, it may discourage visitors from using Beach Drive and 61st as a speedway to or from Alki.    It starts with us.


  1. Setting an example by driving the speed limit is a great idea, but I would take it one step further: go no faster than 25mph on Beach Drive, and 20mph on the side streets like 61st. It’s only 5mph under the limit, and when the speed racers get tired of having to wait, they’ll choose other routes.

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