She’s Back…Harvesting a Giant Bag of Moon Shells



Harvesting shells from this area is a crime.   She's been on private property doing this as well as Emma Schmitz which is a Marine Reserve…this is not her first occurance (she's the same person photo'd in this post). 


  1. capriquarious says

    Have also noticed large freshly harvested oyster shells deposited near bulkhead at Emma Schmitz…and…a neighbor has noticed huge rock cod heads on his beach. Poaching going on?!? What to do???

  2. We’re suppose to call the Fish and Wildlife Department who then refer us to the local or State Police department… I wonder if the oyster shells by the park are from someone’s legit dinner/lunch?

    This person photo’d here does not seem to care when she’s informed she’s on private property or the marine reserve when she’s poaching the moon shells (with the creature).

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