UPDATED: Meeting regarding the Murray Pump Station at Lowman Beach

Update April 23, 2010:  Read West Seattle Blog's coverage of the meeting here.   Be sure to read the comments which also contain a great deal of information.

Tonight at 7pm at the Morgan Community Association's quarterly meeting, the controversial discussion regarding Murray Pump Station continues.   West Seattle Blog has an update here. The meeting takes place in the basement of The Kenney at 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle.

Some options to deal with the "combined sewer overflow" include:

  • digging up a majority of Lowman Beach Park
  • claiming some Beach Drive homes across from the park (via eminet domain)

Dr. Ron Sterling, author of West Seattle Sound Angels blog, states this is

"…the only meeting I am aware of that is scheduled to take place BEFORE King County submits it's plans for SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) approval in June 2010…. Be there if you care!"

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