Comcast Issues

I know at our home, we've been experiencing issues with our internet since late yesterday (that we're aware of since some football game was on). 

I've been on the phone off and on with Comcast today and apparently in the Beach Drive/Alki area (they don't give you a specific area) they have been experiencing technical issues.

The supervisor I spoke with from Comcast stated that they have technicians going door to door today to try to get this resolved.

Let me tell you, it's no fun being a "blogger" and not having your internet! 


  1. I agree. that would be horrible if I didn’t have my internet. Anyway, I love your writing style and your blog so I bookmarked it to sites to be published. thanks!

  2. Kevin McClintic says

    I always make sure I have a laptop that can be taken to a favorite coffee shop 🙂 Not the best solution, but does work in a pinch.

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