Comment Question from a Beach Drive Blog Reader

I received this question on an earlier post this week:

Thanks for keeping us all posted…what is the crazy photo to the left of my name? Where did that come from? It looks like wires all twisted up. I have no idea where that is coming from as I have not posted a photo on your blog. Can you please explain?

When you comment on Beach Drive Blog, you have the option of using Twitter, Facebook or Typepad for logging in when you comment on an article that has been posted here (also called a "post" in blogging terms). 

If you do not log in with one of these accounts or you do not upload a photo, that's perfectly fine.   Instead of showing a photo of you (or what ever  you have uploaded to represent you); an "avatar" will appear.   The avatars are random and with Typepad, currently appear as a bunch of squiggly lines or "wires all twisted up".

This is a newer feature with Typepad blogs (the platform I use for writing with Beach Drive Blog and my other blogs) to help promote readers/commenters to be more connected.   Again, it's totally optional on your part whether or not you want to participate.

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