Hit and Run at Jacobsen and Beach Drive

A motorcyclist was struck by a van this afternoon.  The van fled up Jacobsen and some witnesses followed them.  I understand the police may have one person in custody.   The motorcyclist has been transferred via ambulance to a hospital and it looks like he should be okay.

For more information, check out West Seattle Blog–I believe they will be posting more infomation soon (if they haven't all ready).

Do we need a stop light at that intersection?

Update:  here's a little information posted on Seattle PI's blog: Seattle 911

Police said a section of Beach Drive was contained after the man, who is bald man, and was wearing black pants and a black hoodie, was seen running through a yard. He was reportedly hiding between two houses and was taken into custody at 2:07 p.m

A gentleman I talked to at the scene who had followed the van when it took off up Jacobsen thought he saw two men flee the van.

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