Long Time no Tweet

It's been a while since I've posted anything new here at Beach Drive Blog.  I've been pretty busy with my day job trying to keep with everchanging underwriting guidelines and doing some teaching about social media and writing on my mortgage blog…and our family was on vacation last week.   Occaisally I've been posting on my cooking blog–but it's pretty rare.  Boy, I sound like I'm just full of excuses, don't I?

The fact is, anyone who lives in the Beach Drive neighborhood is welcome to be a writer here as long as what is posted in relevant to our readers.   We don't want "self promotional" articles but a few more reporters/writers at BDB would be greatly welcomed.


If you don't want to write post for BDB, you can help by emailing me interesting stuff.   You can just review the categories to get some ideas… such as:

  • Garage/yard sales and other events
  • Submit your neighborhood pet to be featured as a BDB Pet of the Week
  • Neighborhood photos
  • Local concerns
  • Unusual sightings

Just to name a few…. 

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