Precinct Public Safety Newsletter

Precinct Public Safety Newsletter

July 28, 2009

Dear Community Friends,

Hot Weather Safety Tips:

The following are some tips from the Washington State Department of Health:

q       Stay indoors and in an air-conditioned environment as much as possible unless you are sure your body has a high tolerance for heat.

q       Drink plenty of fluids but avoid beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine or a lot of sugar.

q       Eat more frequently but make sure meals are balanced and light.

q       Never leave any person or pet in a parked vehicle.

q       Avoid dressing babies in heavy clothing or wrapping them in warm blankets.

q       Check frequently on people who are elderly, ill or may need help.  If you might need help, arrange to have family, friends or neighbors check in with you at least twice a day throughout warm weather periods.

q       Make sure pets have plenty of water.

q       Salt tablets should only be taken if specified by your doctor.  If you are on a salt-restrictive diet, check with a doctor before increasing salt intake.

q       If you take prescription diuretics, antihistamines, mood-altering or antispasmodic drugs, check with a doctor about the effects of sun and heat exposure.

q       Cover windows that receive morning or afternoon sun. Awnings or louvers can reduce the heat entering a house by as much as 80 percent.

If you go outside:

q       Plan strenuous outdoor activities for early or late in the day when temperatures are cooler; then gradually build up tolerance for warmer conditions.

q       Take frequent breaks when working outdoors.

q       Wear a wide-brimmed hat, sun block and light-colored, loose-fitting clothes when outdoors.

q       At first signs of heat illness (dizziness, nausea, headaches, muscle cramps), move to a cooler location, rest for a few minutes and slowly drink a cool beverage.  Seek medical attention immediately if you do not feel better.

q       Avoid sunburn: it slows the skin's ability to cool itself.  Use a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF (sun protection factor) rating.

q       Avoid extreme temperature changes. A cool shower immediately after coming in from hot temperatures can result in hypothermia, particularly for elderly or very young people.

For more information, click on the following links:

TUESDAY, AUGUST 4, 2009! Seattle’s “Night Out” must be completed before July 31, 2009.  Take a few minutes, go to: 

Registered blocks will be granted free street closure for Tuesday, August 4, 2009.  Information on registered blocks is shared with the Fire Department so they are aware of streets that will be closed.

Picnic at the Southwest Precinct is Saturday, August 15, 2009 from 1-4 pm!

All Southwest Precinct community members are invited to the 2300 SW Webster St. to enjoy a day of dancing, music, food, magic, balloons, raffles! Meet your local officers, SWAT and other specialty units and get a chance to take a precinct tour!

Resources To Keep You Informed

Police Blotter,

Subscribe to SPD: Crime Blotter

Police Blotter, Megan Sheppard, West Seattle Herald

West Seattle Blog, Tracy Record, Editor

Seattle Police Department main web page

Southwest Precinct Web-page

Police Crime Statistics

For More Information Call: Benjamin Kinlow,

Crime Prevention Coordinator, (206) 684-7724 or email  Check out

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