DejaVu All Over Again: Early June Weather

Remember that storm in early June last year?  I do…the spray from the salt savaged my tomato plants and several trees.  Tonights blast of wind is pretty amazing too.    I must admit, as someone who likes to share a "barking dog report" when the weather changes on us; this one caught me by surprise.   One moment, I was enjoying a beautiful sunset with my husband on the deck… and then my Sister-in-Law calls from Woodmont to ask if the wind has hit us yet…during our call it did!


West Seattle Blog is reporting that parts of North Admiral may be out of power (our lights have flickered while writing this post).

Editors Note:  I'm posting live from my laptop as I write this just in case we lose power, internet, etc.

All this hot sunny weather has had my "barking dog" reports taking a comfy snooze…but not Cliff Mass…his post from today says all Hell is breaking loose!

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