Car Vandalized on Beach Drive

We received an email from someone who discovered their car was burglarized on the 4700 block of Beach Drive:

I just wanted to inform neighbors of West Seattle Alki of my car that was broken into on the night of Thursday June 25th. I was staying at my friends house who lives on Alki Beach drive [south of] Jacobson street. My car was securely locked and my alarm was on when a burglar had broken in. My passenger side window had been punched in and the my pink bag filled with clothes a orange make up bag and lotions were taken. Nobody in the house had been awaken by my car alarm we think it happened around the time frame of 2:00-4:00 AM.  I have attached pictures of how my car looked when I found it in the morning. I have heard of many other cases like this happening in the past couple weeks and I hope they find the thief soon. I have reported this case to the police and so far nobody has been caught.


If you have any information, please contact the Seattle Police.

This also serves as an excellent reminder that Seattle Night Out is happening soon on August 4, 2009.   Do you have plans for your block on Beach Drive?  Share it on the Beach Drive Blog Community Forum.

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