Southwest Precinct Public Safety Newsletter

Southwest Precinct Public Safety Newsletter


March 31, 2009


Dear Community Friends,


Recent Burglary Arrests

In recent weeks, Southwest Precinct officers have made significant burglary arrests.  In one case, a neighbor saw burglars leaving the victim’s house and running into another house on the block.  Based on an alert neighbor’s observation the police were able to make an arrest.  In other words, watchful neighbors can help the police catch burglars.  When Police catch suspicious persons of interest in the area near a burglary, they are thankful to have watchful neighbors who can identify the suspect/s as the burglar/s.  Suspects are detained by officers and identified by witnesses. 


After burglars are arrested and the number of burglaries drops, we can assume they are responsible for some of the past burglaries.  Arrested burglars may confess to one or two burglaries, but most will not confess, so our detectives have to prove they were in the victim’s house.  The recent arrests will help us close the books on a few burglaries. 


We want to emphasize that these burglars were caught because of alert and involved neighbors. 

·         Those who saw suspicious people walking into a neighbor’s backyard and called 911.

·         Neighbors who actually saw the burglars in their neighbor’s home and called 911.

·         Neighbors who were willing to go with police to positively identify the suspects they saw.


These recent arrests prove that vigilance works.  Be observant and pay attention to what’s happening in your neighborhood and who’s out and about in your area.  For those of you who work from home or are home during daylight hours, take a look around every now and then and see what’s happening on your street and alley.  Being conspicuously alert makes potential offenders nervous and will tend to make them seek a place where they have less risk of being seen, identified or caught.


We want to thank you for helping us get these burglars off the street.


Home Security Tips

·         Close and lock all doors and windows (even second story windows) when you are away from home.

·         Trim shrubbery around the exterior of your home or business to improve lines of sight (to make it easier for your neighbors to see activity at your place).

·         Reinforcement of the doorframe by replacing the screws in the strike plates and one screw per hinge with 3 to 4-inch wood screws.

·         For French doors, ensure they have floor and ceiling bolts that extend at least one inch into the floor and the upper doorframe, respectively.

·         Secure all tools – including ladders – to ensure they cannot be used to gain entry into your (or someone else’s) home.  Use a chain and padlock to secure the ladders (not just to themselves); secure them to a post/railing/banister, etc.

·         Engrave your valuables with your driver’s license number so that it can be identified in the event of theft.  Engraving property is also a deterrent; if thieves see the property is engraved, they are less likely to take it.  For those items you cannot engrave, take a photo so you can positively identify them.  This includes GPS systems, IPods, digital cameras, etc.; not just TVs, DVRs and laptops.  Whether you engrave the item or take a picture of it, record the serial number of the item for positive identification.  Make an inventory list of your valuable items; keep it someplace secure.


Resources To Keep You Informed

Police Blotter,

Subscribe to SPD: Crime Blotter

Police Blotter, Megan Sheppard,

West Seattle


West Seattle

Blog, Tracy Record, Editor

Seattle Police Department main web page

Southwest Precinct Web-page


Police Crime Statistics


For More Information Call: Benjamin Kinlow,

Crime Prevention Coordinator, (206) 684-7724 or email  Check out

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