Pull in Those Recycle Bins

Our family wasn't alone with putting our recycle bins our for pick up yesterday.  Many P3310023 of us still have our bins out on Beach Drive "just in case". 

A quick check on Seattle Public Utilities website reveals that our next recycle pick up is next week, April 6 (at least for our section of Beach Drive).   You can determine what's picked up when by entering your address here.

Our house did not receive any of the new compact cans–which I think is what threw us off a bit.  I've noticed that some containers along Beach Drive appear to have new stickers on top of their old cans (we don't).   

If we keep our current yard waste bin, we'll wind up paying plenty for it (it's now a food waste bin, too)… here's how to change your garbage can sizes.  

Our old 64 gallon  garbage container costs $44.90 per month–the cute new green garbage "micro-cans" are under $20.00 per month.   Garbage rates are here.

If you're now using a big old yard waste 96 gallon container as your new "food and yard waste" container, the cost is $6.90 per month.    Check out rates here.

Click here for more information about Seattle's new garbage/recycling program.

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