Warning: Beach Drive Homes “Cased” by Phoney “Window Salesmen”

I received theses tip from Beach Drive Neighbors:

Around the corner of Jacobsen and Beach Drive, a few police officers stopped by her house this afternoon  [2/12] and asked if she had noticed anyone "casing" their house or had there been any unusual activity near her house. She had just woke from a nap and was surprised to see them but alert enough to tell them that she did have an unusual experience last night [2/11]. A couple young men came to her door at 7pm selling windows, when she said she was not interested they asked for cookies, when she said she had none they asked for a glass of water, she closed the door and got them a water cup to go. When she returned with the cup one man was there and the other was not…

another neighbor reports that:

they stopped by his house as well and clearly were not window sales people.

Just a reminder that we need to look out for each other.  If you notice anything suspicious, call 9-1-1.

A big thanks to the neighbor who notified me of this activity.


  1. Sandi Repetowski says

    Did the salesmen indicate a company they represented?

  2. That is a fantastic write up.. Enjoyed it!


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