Garbage Update

West Seattle Blog states that for those of us with garbage pick up on Mondays (weather permitting) they will TRY to pick garbage tomorrow.  How do I know this?  From following West Seattle Blog's Twitter profile. 

westseattleblog @mortgageporter everything. trucks won't try today will try tomorrow. we'll check with SPU late in the day if they have a prognosis #seatst

I'm amazed at how much storm information has been provided via various forms of social media/networking.  In fact, I wrote an article about that here.

Currently, it looks like if you normally have garbage picked up on Mondays, you should roll out all of your garbage (including recycle and yard waste) before tomorrow morning and they will TRY to make the rounds.  If I hear of anything new, I'll let you know…or you can check out WSB's twitter (or go directly to their blog).

UPDATE 9:26 AM December 23, 2008:  According to WSB's Twitter–NO GARBAGE PICK UP TODAY.  Drats!

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