Beach Drive Blog’s Pet of the Week: Maxwell


Max, who answers to many affectionate names, is doing one of his least favorite activities in this photo: posing in costume.   

Max was adopted by us 3 years ago when he was 7 and I found him on the internet via PetFinder.Com – which is basically Match.Com for pets and prospective owners (I liked his profile). Max had been in the shelter twice and we can’t figure out why as he is such a wonderful cat.  We feel so fortunate that we found him and hope everyone considers adopting a pet from a shelter.

Max has 2 brothers – DoDo and Baba Ghanoush (“Baby”) and together they are called The Boyz….or sometimes The Men In Black..  There is always something going on and Maxwell is the leader of the pack.  Max is a big fan of James Bond movies and eating kibbles.  Like James, Max looks good in a tuxedo and prefers his martinis shaken…not stirred.   Below is a more dignified photo of Max for you to enjoy. Isn’t he handsome?


Do you have a Beach Drive pet who would like to be featured as Pet of the Week?Simply send a photo (jpeg is nice) with your POTW story.


  1. miss texas says

    Handsome? I’ll say! *wolf whistles*

    In addition to being one of my favorite cat friends, Max is also one of my favorite photo subjects. He is quite the male model. 🙂

    Love ya down in Belltown, Max!

  2. Max – He’s the Feline Zoolander of Beach Drive!

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