Late Night Police Activity on Beach Drive

I’m not totally sure of what’s going on but at Jacobson and Beach Drive (approx.) there are some minors that have been pulled over and are sitting on the sidewalk with two Police cars.   They’ve been here for quite a while and at one point, a neighbor reports they saw Police searching up Jacobsen with a dog.

Hopefully we’ll have more info to follow up with.   If you have any details, please comment and let us know.


  1. Megan E Allen says

    Did you ever hear anything more on this?

  2. I have a message into Benjamin Kinlow to see if he can give us more details. Another neighbor confirmed that this took place over a couple of hours. She was watching out her upstairs window and a Police Officer with a dog walked by and told her to get out of the window. The neighbor believes that 4 young people where escorted away.

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