Willie, Beach Drive Blog’s Pet of the Week

There’s a special story about Willie that involves our Seattle Night Out from earlier this week.   You see, as our gathering were enjoying each others company, good food and nice weather, an alarm was sounding in the distance.   It was hard to tell if it was a car or house alarm…until someone realized that it was their home on Jacobsen.  Smoke was coming out of the back patio door.  The neighbors bolted and another neighbor at our SNO event called 9-1-1.   Within moments, the neighbor emerged from his home on the patio and gave us a big thumbs up, thankfully.

Willie, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, apparently was real curious about what was in the foil sitting on the stove top.  He jumped up to sniff it out (the foil was previously covering chocolate cupcakes–who could blame him?) and accidently bumped the stove on causing a small fire.   Thankfully, no one was harmed, no damage done and all is fine.


And who could ever be upset at a face like this.

Do you have a Beach Drive pet you would like featured?  Send in your cute photos and they may be the next Pet of the Week.


  1. Heidi Frisby says

    That is the cutest, saddest, sweetest face on earth. 🙂

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