Seattle Night Out — A Nice Time to See Neighbors


Beach Drive had a nice pot luck at our Night Out event and were visited by several of Seattle’s finest police officers. 

Apparently the latest crime trends in our area are:

  • portable navagation systems and laptops being stolen from cars.
  • stolen landscaping (such as fountains)
  • new construction sites are being targeted.
  • break ins through back doors left open during the hot weather while someone is gardening in the front yard.

I know we really enjoyed seeing neighbors we thank Alyson for sharing her yard and making this event possible.   Watch for recipes on future posts from the delish potluck dishes.

Were there other Seattle Night Out events in Beach Drive?  Please let me know.


  1. The Portable Naviagation Systems are a very big ticket item now! And they are quick. I work down in the SODO district and we have had cars broken into for the Naviagation Systems almost weekly. We have it figured out that they are taking probably less than 5 minutes.

  2. I guess our neighborhood has had a fountain stolen as well as a construction site had some materials removed as well…and a car has been recently egged.

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