A Huge Thanks to Everyone Who Help Find Orson

Dsc_0119 A huge thank you to the couple who found my old pug, Orson, last night.   I had thought I had our house locked up when I went next door to the neighbors to watch last nights sunset while our two fools husbands were boating.   

When I returned home, Orson was no where to be found.   I began to walk up and down Beach Drive calling for my dog with no luck…my neighbor (aka Beach Drive Babbler) had a couple in a car drive by ask what the commotion about.   The Babbler asked them to keep a look out for an old pug wander the streets.    By now I’m pretty upset because Orson has more heart than brains and very poor vision with his one "good eye".  While I was searching for him I saw raccoon a running down Jacobson–Dsc_0109bigger and meaner than my dog…definitely more "street savvy".  I’m panicked.

Just as I began to fall apart, the car pulls up and out jumps a very excited Orson.  Apparently he had made it all the way to La Rustica (it figures he’d search out food).   I’m so sorry that I don’t remember the nice couple’s names–I was pretty emotional.    

Orson now thinks he’s a "super dog" or at least a puppy again after his late night adventure.    He’s barking and growling (feeling tough) more than usual and keeps looking at me like he should have constant treats.   

A big heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped find my old friend, Orson.

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