Does West Seattle have THAT many Volvos?

I was surprised to find a card tucked in the door of our Volvo this morning from Swedish Automotive.   My first reaction was to check our vehicle for damage thinking someone had bumped into it and left their business card.    This business card is actually a coupon for 10% off labor.   One of my co-workers has teased me saying that if you live in West Seattle, you must drive a Volvo or have a Pug.  We have both. Our Pug is pushing 12 years old and our Volvo is a couple years new…but perhaps he’s right.   For someone to canvas our streets to leave coupons on cars  must mean we have a lot Volvos per capita.

Did anyone else get a business card coupon tucked in on their car?


  1. the reason why they have to do that is because their service is questionable at best. My uncle (a total car head) told us our fix should be about $150 for our heater pump. Swedish wanted to charge us $850. i let him know i knew he was trying to scam me, and that i wasn’t too happy about him trying to take advantage of women who need their car fixed. I wouldn’t trust that place.

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