Another Accident on Beach Drive

Earlier a neighbor reported how their car was smashed along Beach Drive with no note or contact from the "guilty party".   Just this morning, on my way home from the grocery store I was stunned to see someone drove through Emma Schmitz Memorial View Point.  Smashing a park bench, taking out a bus stop sign and ripping apart bushes along the street.   A resident said she heard it happen last night but did not see the car.


It’s amazing the vehicle was able to drive away and must have significant damage.


A gentleman who works for the parks department just happened to drive by and stood the bus sign up.   There is glass all over the road from the damaged vehicle.   Both the Seattle Parks Department and Police Department have been notified.

Update:  WSB reports in the comments below that there was a 911 "aid" call at 4:02 am.   Unsure if someone actually hit and ran–sounds like someone might have been rescued. 


  1. About to post a link to your fine coverage here on our site but first – we sent you e-mail as well – do you know for sure it was hit/run? We were up when a “heavy rescue” call came in for 4500 Beach Drive in the 4 am hour; it was quickly closed so we didn’t go down to check it out (and couldn’t hear anything about it on the scanner), but it was followed by an aid call at 4520 a short time later (again, no scanner indication of who or what needed help).

  2. Sorry, correcting myself, just referred to the 911 log for our post and the canceled “heavy rescue” call was at 3:40 am, the aid call at 4:02.

  3. Good point, WSB–I’m assuming hit and run…my bad.

  4. I spoke with you the other morning when we were both surveying the damage, and I reported that I’d heard a noise in the early morning, glanced out my window and didn’t see anything (I didn’t look far enough south). I’ve spoken with my neighbor since then, and she told me that after the car hit the bench and took out the bus sign, it flipped over onto its roof and skidded. 4 teenagers climbed out the back window and took off on foot, and later 3 of them were looked over by medics. I don’t know why they ran, fear, adrenaline? They must have been wearing seatbelts and were very lucky. Scary stuff.

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