Cruise Line Cleans Up

This contribution is from BDB neighbor Susan Dippery.
Just saw the following info on a travel blog that I subscribe to.  The Zaandam cruises between Seattle and Alaska during the summer.  It’s nice to know that they are working to reduce the toll that the cruise ship industry takes on the environment.  Here’s the scoop:
Last spring, Holland America’s Zaandam was outfitted with a system designed to reduce pollution caused by engine emissions. The Krystallan scrubber, developed by a subsidiary of BP Marine, uses seawater to reduce sulfur dioxide and particle emissions from diesel exhaust.

Holland America launched the $1.5 million scrubber project with the assistance of several North American environmental regulatory agencies. The company is hopeful that the scrubber technology–if proven effective–can be expanded throughout the cruise industry and the larger maritime industry.

Initial results released by the Emissions Research and Testing Division of Environment Canada are encouraging. According to the agency’s report, the Krystallon scrubber reduced sulphur dioxide emissions by 75% and cut particulate matter by 57%. Additional testing and measurements are planned.

For a list of upcoming cruises on the Zaandam, click here.

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