Our Brazen Squirrel


This fella is not shy about begging for peanuts.   This squirrel isn’t "One-Eyed Willy".  He is very friendly and has no fear.   In fact, he just jumped into my window seal and then back out when I let out a surprised shriek. 

He waits in the planter and stares at us until we open the window and toss him his prey.  He could care less about our two cats.   Just after this photo was taken this morning, he chased Bagara off the porch!

His biggest trick is probably hanging out upside down on our front door gate so when you open it, all you see is a bushy tail right in front of your face!


  1. Susan Dippery says

    We believe this squirrel is the daughter of “One Eyed Willie”…she most likely learned her fearless mooching techniques, double peanut carry, and dominance over cats from her famous mom. Sadly, “Willie” has not been seen since late last summer (RIP).

  2. My hubby thinks we should invite the squirrel in…I think that’s more fun than I could handle…dare I say it would be NUTS!

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