Odd Door to Door People Alert

I’m just returning home from picking up some flowers at West Seattle Nursery.  I no sooner got out of my car when a tall guy walked up to me wanting to had me a bright green card.  I said "no thanks".  He’s walking with another fella wearing an orange safety vest. 

Sorry…that’s all I have.  Just wanted to give my neighbors a heads up.  I’ve been noticing more strange people canvasing the neighborhood.  They’re obviously not tourist or someone enjoying the views.


  1. I had two of these guys do this to me while on my run today while going up the Thistle Street stairs. Not sure if they are the same guys, but they had day glow safety vests and handing out green cards. They were “cold calling”, looking for yard and landscaping work and own a ligit business. I chatted with both of them and they were fine, actually pretty funny guys.

  2. Sounds like the same guys, Lear60.

  3. Why do people go door to door these days?

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