An Otter Body Experience

This morning while walking my dog towards Emma Schmitz Memorial View Point, I noticed an otter swimming towards shore.   I stopped to watch him as I don’t see as many otters as I’d like to and the little fella swam right towards me.   The tide is low this morning and I could see him under water as he made a few dives.   The otter then came out of the water right towards me and appeared to try to climb the tall bulkhead along the park when two crows decided they had an issue with him.   He scurried towards the rocks as I made a beeline back home hoping to capture a photo.   I missed my photo op but I’m very tickled to have had my "otter experience" this morning.   

If you capture any photos of otters or other local wildwife, please share — I’d love to post them here at Beach Drive Blog.

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