Please Don’t Pass


I’ve been noticing more and more passing with anxious drivers along Beach Drive.   Last weekend, I witnessed a small red car (a Rabbit?) pass a driver who was going around 30 mph (which happens to be the speed limit).   The car went into the other lane and nearly missed a bicyclist that was approaching in the oncoming lane.   I’ve seen all kinds of cars from exotics to clunkers pass other vehicles with drivers of all ages.

This is Beach DRIVE.  Not Beach Freeway or Beach Highway.  This neighborhood is full of families and pets.  With all the parks and Puget Sound, Beach Drive attracts bicyclist, runners, walkers…just people out for a stroll.  It’s a small strip of road that is dense with population.   And with the swerves, bumps and side streets, it’s not accommodating to high speeds.    

The passing I’ve seen lately is dangerous and it’s only time before an accident happens and someone is hurt.   Slow it down to 30 mph, folks.  Please reconsider passing the driver in front of you…most times, if someone is driving too slow, taking in the view, they’ll pull over and let you by when there’s room to do so.   

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