Weather Watch Park

Img_4950 Weather Watch Park is located across the street from LaRustic Restaurant at 4035 Beach Drive SW.

The artwork was contributed by Lezlie Jane who also helped with many other "street ends" parks along Beach Drive.  In addition to the art, the park has a nice beach area loaded with drift wood that’s great to sit on or just admire and nice beach.

Note:  I thought I published this post last year and just realized it’s been sitting as a "draft".   Thanks to Lezlie Jane and her work crew earlier this week, I made this discovery.


  1. capriquarious says

    This beautiful little park was just featured in the March issue of Sunset Magazine!

  2. I didn’t know that! I tried to find the article on the http://www…looks like I’ll have to buy the magazine instead. šŸ™‚

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