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Southwest Precinct Public Safety Newsletter:  Download southwest_precinct_public_safety_newsletter_february_4_2008.pdf

Newsletter from Seattle Police Department: Download spd_finalscreenversion.pdf

Compliments of our Crime Prevention Coordinator, Benjamin Kinlow.

Contact Crime Prevention Coordinator:

Benjamin Kinlow, 684-7724, email:

q       Call the Crime Prevention Coordinator and set up a Block Watch meeting date and time for your block. 

q       Talk about ongoing crime problems and work to resolve the crime on your block.

q       Set up a "CPTED Block Tour", so everyone understands the problems on your block and how to fix them. 

Check out our new web-page:  please share our information with others

Contact Your CPT Officer: 

Call 615-1976 to find out the name of your CPT Officer, telephone and email

q       Set up an appointment with the CPT Officer that works your area.  They want to know about the ongoing problems in their area that has not been resolved by calling 911. 

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