Sound Scenes




Compliments of Tuesday, January 15, 2008 and my camera!


  1. Your photos make my day!! I forward them on to family and friends in Denver too. Thanks for taking the time. It gives me the details I could never see on my own.

  2. Gail, the seal was not far from your building! 🙂 I thought I might have spied a whale or something big way out in the Sound (closer to the islands) this morning. I bolted to my telescope and by the time I was there, whatever it was…was gone.

  3. capriquarious says

    Hi Neighbor! Your photos are wonderful! I especially appreciate one of your latest posts, the “sound and sky”. Who says gray days can’t be beautiful. Keep up the good work!
    Didn’t mean to blow you off at the store earlier this week…I was having a horrible day. Talk to you soon…

  4. Thanks, Neighbor! 🙂 No worries.

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