Sailboats, Seal and a Rainbow

Photo’s from yesterday.  (I was too busy watching the Seahawks to post this unti now).  Way to go Hawks!


This seal was leaping north towards Alki.  You can barely make it out in the bottom right corner of the photo below.  I was snapping like crazy hoping for a better shot.Dsc_0100

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a rainbow?



  1. Judy Bentley says

    So what was that leaping toward Alki last week–on Wednesday, I think? Several people were watching from Emma Schmitz Viewpoint. I thought it was a whale but couldn’t get binoculars on it.

  2. Judy, I thought it was a seal (it was about the size of a seal). The middle photo in the lower left corner is a picture of the leaping seal. It was hard to capture the photograph.

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