Late Sunday morning, my husband and I were just minding our own business when I looked out our window and noticed a large cargo ship very close in towards Beach Drive and moving very quickly (I was not able to catch a photo).   The views from the condos on Beach Drive and by the light house must have been amazing!    Dsc_0020

For the heck of it, we hopped in our car to see what was up.   We’ve never seen a fully loaded boat that size come in from Tacoma and make a bee line to Seattle.   Following the vessel we wound up discovering Jack Block Park.  We have driven the park many times, but have never checked it out until today.   


From there, we ventured out to Harbor Island trying to avoid the remote control trains and to learn more about the Hyundai Republic (we wanted to be able to read the name on the boat).


From Terminal 18 Park, we were able to clearly read the name of the ship that cruised by this morning.   We also learned that Harbor Island was once the largest man made island in the world.   According to the plaque at the park, it was started unknowingly by ships dropping their ballast overboard prior to 1895.   Dredging and earth from the Jackson and Dearborn street regrades was also used to create Harbor Island.


A little research revealed that the Hyundai Republic was scheduled for arrival at the Port of Tacoma on January 25 and not at the Port of Seattle


  1. Eilene Hutchinson says

    Thank you for that interesting tour of our waterfront! Fun to see those sea lions, too.

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