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Our very own Suky Hutton has a terrific article in the January 2008 issue of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine about the mysterious white rooster who was also featured on Beach Drive Blog.

It’s a very enjoyable read and I highly recommend you pick your copy today and check out the SeaTown Diary section with Suky’s article and learn more about Coner the white rooster of Mee Kwa Mooks Park.

Hat tip to Larry for giving me a heads up about our Beach Drive Neighbor.


  1. You know, “Conor” is at least the third white chicken to come wandering through Me Kwa Mooks park in the past several years. The first one, an immature rooster (dubbed “Pox” by my daughter), we kept in our yard for a few days before hearing him crowing and finding him a nice home in the country. A couple years later, I was driving home late one night and found a young hen wandering in the street at Beach Drive and Genesee. We brought her home and named her “Midnight” in honor of the late hour she was rescued, and she still gratefully provides us with fresh eggs on a regular basis. And about two years later, here comes “Conor.” My question is, where are they coming from??

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